February 4, 2023

VyprVPN is one of the market leaders for VPN services with more than 2 million users worldwide. It has the advantage of having its own servers in 70 locations worldwide, unlike the majority of its rivals.

What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog, an IT security business with Swiss roots that was established in 1994. The service offers much faster speeds than in the past, in addition to strong privacy guarantees and excellent privacy tools.

VyprVPN is it free?

Regardless of the subscription chosen, VyprVPN is a paid service. Both a freemium version and a trial period are absent. The supplier does promise a 30-day money-back guarantee, though. In fact, if users are unhappy, they can cancel their subscription and receive a refund after trying the VPN without any restrictions for a month.

What are the rates charged by VyprVPN?

VyprVPN offers two different types of packages, one of which is a monthly subscription with no commitment for €8.92 that is restricted to 3 devices and does not include Chameleon or other proprietary technologies.

The second premium subscription, which provides access to all features and five devices, costs either €7.17 per month for an annual subscription or €13 per month for a monthly version with no commitment. prices that are quite high and an outdated business practice, in our opinion.

PayPal and credit cards are the only accepted payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are not accepted by VyprVPN.

How to download and install VyprVPN

On the service’s website, a user account should be created and a subscription should be purchased before moving forward with VyprVPN installation. All of the clients for platforms that work with the VPN service are listed on the downloads page. VyprVPN (for Windows) can also be downloaded from Clubic.

The most popular platforms—Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS—now have particularly well-polished VyprVPN apps following a significant update in 2018. NAS from Synology and QNAP, routers (Asus-WRT, DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT…), BlackBerry devices, SmartTVs, and Android TV and Apple TV platforms are also supported by the service. Not only that, but it also provides a unique app for Blackphones and another one specifically for Anonabox (a secure router).

In addition to offering thorough coverage, VyprVPN has a ton of installation guides in French available on its website for the majority of current devices. The VPN can be utilized on three or five devices at once, depending on the subscription selected. Less generous than CyberGhost’s and Surfshark’s offers, which permit 7 and an unlimited number of devices, respectively.

Main features

The user interface

Due to its carefully considered user experience, VyprVPN can accommodate both novices and experts despite its sophisticated protection tools. The VPN application, which received a significant facelift in 2018, is now among the easiest to use ones available. It has undergone a complete makeover and features a contemporary graphical interface with simple, well-organized menus. There is a page for each function in the settings menu that can be accessed by clicking the icon that resembles three short lines, such as protection from the risks of public Wi-Fi, selecting a VPN protocol, turning on the kill switch, etc. By selecting the corresponding button on the home page, or by selecting the “Servers” tab, users can access the list of supported countries and establish a VPN connection.

Selection of locations and server specifics

One can view the list of countries and the ping available for each in addition to a keyword search box. You have the option of sorting them by Speed, Region, or Country. However, there is no information available regarding the servers’ precise locations, occupancy rates, or IP addresses. Additionally, the VyprVPN client does not specify a server that is prepared for streaming. A really nice app to use every day, but a little too basic for those looking for precise infrastructure information.

technical assistance

One of VyprVPN’s advantages is that it employs skilled technical agents. Bots that make use of tutorials frequently operate the chat system, which is supposed to be available around-the-clock. You must use the chat feature or the ticket system to send an email if you can’t find the solution. While not ideal if you’re not in a rush, the VyprVPN support staff’s responses do have the advantage of being extremely pertinent.

Speed test

VyprVPN is extremely stable when used and provides limitless data transfers and bandwidth. It provides a high caliber of service, but speeds tend to decline with geographic location. However, we noticed a noticeable improvement in terms of speeds in the speed test we conducted to complement this review, even though they are still far behind some rivals.

The speed loss compared to the original ADSL connection is hardly noticeable when using the fastest VPN server in France. In nations that are physically close to it, VyprVPN provides very acceptable speeds. The same holds true for the US-based servers, which have probably been optimized by the provider to ensure that its customers have access to well-known streaming services. The fastest VPNs are able to guarantee nearly identical connection speeds all over the world despite the distance. Speeds significantly decrease with VyprVPN in remote locations like Australia and Japan, which is regrettably not the case.

Security test

The company benefits from legislation that is very supportive of the protection of personal data because it is based in Switzerland. It promises that when users connect to its service, no activity logs are kept on them, and it makes clear that no records of IP addresses, traffic, websites visited, DNS requests, or connection times are kept either. The confidentiality agreement seems to be upheld.

In order to demonstrate this, it paid for an audit from an impartial organization in 2018 that confirmed VyprVPN does not monitor its users. Golden Frog acknowledges on its website that it must retain certain personal data, such as name, email address, payment information, and/or postal address, for a minimum of 30 days in order to maintain the functionality of its services and technical support. For those aiming for total online anonymity, this is a weakness.

By providing its own VPN technology, Chameleon, VyprVPN stands out from the competition. This employs the OpenVPN protocol and enables metadata to be encrypted to avoid VPN blocks in some nations, including Iran and China. The user has the option to use OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, or PPTP instead of the publisher’s preferred VPN protocol.

VyprVPN for streaming (Netflix, Disney+, HBO)

VyprVPN does not provide a dedicated server for online video playback, in contrast to other VPNs that are optimized for streaming platforms; instead, its entire estate may be used for these purposes. When in use, it connects without a hitch to French content from other countries and geo-blocked streaming services. We had no trouble connecting to either the US or UK versions of Netflix while writing this review, as well as to Amazon’s Prime Video service, which many VPNs are unable to unblock. However, using Australian servers to access geo-restricted streaming services was impossible.

VyprVPN for torrenting

The service still lags behind the market leaders (ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.) in terms of speed when it comes to torrent downloads. Those who enjoy downloading will be dissatisfied and will switch to faster, more specialized torrent VPNs. However, its high level of security and network dependability continue to be benefits for P2P. It’s important to keep in mind that the VPN initially prohibited P2P and BitTorrent before changing its policy. In spite of this change of heart, VyprVPN lacks a server specifically for P2P downloads.

VyprVPN country network and servers

With its Giganews service, Golden Frog, which has long dominated the Usenet market, has a very sizable global network. It has accumulated years of experience and built its own infrastructure for its VPN, which has more than 700 servers spread across 70 nations on five continents.

By using its own engineers to run its global network, VyprVPN is independent of any third parties. This is a significant benefit that enables it to uphold a high level of security and protect the data of its users throughout the entire process. An internal firewall that protects each server adds an extra layer of security to prevent detection by government surveillance systems.

The business also takes pride in having written its own code and software to manage its network and defend against threats from outside sources. There are no download or bandwidth restrictions with VyprVPN. It also offers a staggering selection of more than 300,000 IP addresses. Since its network was upgraded in 2018, VyprVPN has experienced a resurgence after years of decline. Currently in use, the service provides very acceptable speeds along with a dependable and stable connection.

VyprVPN on iPhone or Android

The mobile apps for Android and iOS and those for computers are nearly identical. Only the Kill Switch (now called Auto Reconnect) and Public Wi-Fi Protection features are included, making it even more basic. You can access VyprVPN guides and get in touch with support through a ticket system by clicking the Support tab in the main menu. One of the most user-friendly VPN apps available.

Other features

Easily skimmed throughout this review, VyprVPN incorporates a number of extra features. The kill switch, an emergency stop button that automatically disables the Internet connection in the event of a sudden VPN interruption, is one of the essentials (micro outage, Internet failure, network change).

VyprVPN offers the option to automatically connect to the service whenever a user of the Internet connects to an unidentified Wi-Fi network, always with the goal of securing the network. By doing this, users safeguard themselves from the risks associated with hotspots that are not properly configured and may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Last but not least, VyprVPN uses a DNS protection system created by the provider to shield equipment from man-in-the-middle attacks. a security feature that, when used with Chameleon, completely conceals the VPN connection and gets around geographical restrictions and blockages.

As part of its no-log policy, the service, which ensures data security, respect for confidentiality, and anonymity of Internet users, obviously leaves no record of DNS requests that pass through its servers.

Editor’s Opinion

The Swiss VPN VyprVPN combines many resources, which is clearly progress. It has well-groomed customers, a high level of online security, and provides adequate speeds for all uses. Additionally, it is one of the few providers that owns and operates its entire infrastructure. Regardless of the subscription option, we regret its archaic business methods and high costs. But after reading this review, we can say that it’s a great option for anyone looking for a trustworthy and secure VPN.

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